Spring Awakening!

Nothing spurs on my jogging feet like this musical about teen angst.  Sad though… half my CD had major scratches when I transferred it to my Mac so this is all the songs that would transfer.  Note to self:  Buy a new copy when I’m next in a music store.

Jog Time:  25 minutes
Playlist:  (song… album…  artist)

Mama Who Bore Me… Spring Awakening…  Wendla and Girls
All That’s Known… Spring Awakening…  Melchoir
The B**** of Living… Spring Awakening… Moritz and Boys
My Junk... Spring Awakening… Girls and Boys
Touch Me… Spring Awakening…  Boys and Girls
I Believe... Spring Awakening… Boys and Girls
Don’t Do Sadness/Blue Wind… Spring Awakening…  Moritz and Ilse
The Guilty Ones...  Spring Awakening…  Boys and Girls
Left Behind...  Spring Awakening…  Melchoir



One Response to “Spring Awakening!”

  1. giveitasecondlook Says:

    I can’t drive more than 10 minutes without hearing a song from this cd. I haven’t tried it running but I think I will!

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