French Manicure Finish

Today I decided to incorporate an short trip to Boots Chemist into my jog (hence the longer jog time). I was there earlier today, but forgot to pick up the white nail polish I was after for a homemade French Manicure.  Living the life of a poor grad student has really pumped up my self-beautification techniques.  Also today’s playlist is selections from “My Top Rated” compilation on iTunes.  Enjoy.

Jog Time: 30 minutes
Playlist: (song… album… artist)

Chasing Pavements… Blair’s Mix Tape*…  Adele
When You Say Nothing At All… Wedding Mix Tape*…  Alison Kraus
Change Your Mind… Move Along…  The All American Rejects
Pie In The Sky… Waitress Soundtrack…  Andrew Hollander
Hard Woman… Emily’s Mix Tape*…  Angie Aparo
Sweet Loretta...  Emily’s Mix Tape*…  Angie Aparo
Child of the Revolution… Emily’s Mix Tape*…  Angie Aparo
Wally… Lemon Love…  Aslyn
Yesterday… 1…  The Beatles (for my cool down and stretching)

*Hope this isn’t totally confusing… I just happened to get these songs from CDs made by friends and don’t know the original albums.


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