Running Again

February 25, 2012

This time I’m using the Get Running App and have a couple of goals in mind (a 5k and wanting to get fit for my wedding). I’m hoping I’ll be able to stick with this exercise routine now.

Last run: The Big Chill Soundtrack.


New jogging buddy

October 12, 2009

Know I haven’t posted here in about a month or maybe that should say over a month and I must confess I also haven’t been jogging, but I do have good reasons. Spent the first of September finishing a huge research project and the rest of September and first of October traveling around Europe.  Did get back in my running shoes today and began to break in a new running buddy.  I have to admit that not a lot of consistent jogging took place today… I’m a bit out of shape and even though my partner has four legs instead of two, she had a bit of a problem keeping up.  Granted each of her legs is only about five inches in length.  No worries, we’ll get into a routine eventually.  Check out our first day playlist below.

Mrs. Robinson… Live in Central Park… Simon and Garfunkel
Homeward Bound… Live in Central Park… Simon and Garfunkel
America…  Live in Central Park… Simon and Garfunkel
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard… Live in Central Park… Simon and Garfunkel
Scarborough Fair… Live in Central Park… Simon and Garfunkel
April Come She Will… Live in Central Park… Simon and Garfunkel
Wake Up Little Susie… Live in Central Park… Simon and Garfunkel
Still Crazy After All These Years… Live in Central Park… Simon and Garfunkel

Thought I Knew Pain

August 19, 2009

During that first week of jogging, when I had trouble walking up and down the stairs in my flat I thought I knew pain.  That was nothing to what I’m waking up to every day of digging.  So new thought for all you exercise-phobics or gym rats.  Not into traditional exercise routine or want a chance to stretch some new muscles… set up an archaeology dig in your back garden.  I promise standing to mattock into a hole or crouching to trowel out your finds reveals muscles you never knew you had.

Did listen to some music on site today… here are my top three songs on my playlist.

Galileo… Indigo Girls… Retrospective
Big Blue Ball of War…  Nanci Griffith…  Hearts of Mind
Where I Stood…  Missy Higgins… On a Clear Night

Hard Labor

August 15, 2009

For the next two weeks, I’ll have 12 8-hour days of hard labor.  Sounds like a jail sentence or something, right?  No worries.  I just happen to be an archaeologist when I’m not jogging and have a 2 week dig.  This is all just to say that I’m giving myself that time off from jogging and counting the digging as my exercise quotient for each day, which I’m sure you’ll agree with me is totally fair.

During my absence I would love to find out if anyone out there is actually reading sweaty earbuds.  If you are “a reader”, leave a comment including your favorite song and when I get back I’ll incorporate it into one of my upcoming jogging playlists.  Until then.  Hasta leugo.

In The Heights

August 13, 2009

I decided to go for another Tony award winner today.  I have been know to be a bit obsessed with Broadway musicals.

Jog Time: 25 minutes
Playlist:  (song… album…  artist)

In The Heights…  In The Heights…  Usnavi and Company
Breathe...  In The Heights…  Nina and Company
Benny’s Dispatch...  In The Heights…  Benny and Nina
It Won’t Be Long...  In The Heights…  Vanessa, Usnavi, and Sonny
No Me Diga... In The Heights…  Vanessa, Daniela, Nina, and Carla
96000...  In The Heights…  Company